Starting The Day The Invigorating Way

IMG_20150812_113700Today, I went to Kings Cross Pond, which is just off Granary Square. It’s really easy to find from Kings Cross tube, you just follow the signposts for the pond, and the signs are everywhere!

When I booked, two days ago, the weather forecast for today (Wednesday) was sunny and 24 degrees. Hmmm. When I arrived at the pond, I approached with, how can I say…trepidation. I was the only one there! This soon changed though, and I did enjoy having a choice of loungers to drape my clothes over, and I had the pool to myself for ten whole glorious minutes. The pond itself is smaller than it looks online, it’s about the size of a small council pool I’d say, but mercifully it was warmer than I feared. It was warmer than the showers, anyway! (You have to shower before you dive in, to keep the water as bacteria free as possible). If like me, you occasionally suffer from the odd bout of eczema, then a non-chlorinated pool is wonderful. (Whenever I use the pool at York Hall in Bethnal Green, I have to slather myself in the shower – and even then it can make my skin flare up).

You have to book online and it’s about £5, which for an experience like this is very reasonable, I think. The staff are really friendly too and they talk you through where everything is. There are toilets, cute beachside-type cubicles to change in and metal lockers for which you’re given a padlock (you won’t have to worry about having change in your purse, because these are free to use).

After having had the pond to myself for ten lovely minutes, I was joined by a few others. I swam for about thirty minutes overall. It was blissful but kind of surreal to stare up at all the high-rises and the muddy clouds, but this added to the experience.

Afterwards I enjoyed a nice latte on a deckchair in the sun (finally!) in the cafe which is also part of the installation. 20150812_112243

Would I go back? Yes. Weather permitting. This art installation is in London until the end of 2016. 20150812_103435


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